Album & TV Special

Singer, Songwriter Jeff Stachyra's epic album and the TV special it inspired. Produced PBS affiliate WSKG TV, Binghamton NY

The Sultana – April 27, 1865
The Album and TV Special

A few years ago Jeff Stachyra was working on new song ideas and it led him to The Sultana.   It was a lost piece of United States history. He was intrigued. 

While some folks may have been inspired by this story to write a book or paint a picture, Singer Songwriter Stachyra turned it into a collection of songs. Researching the project included hours of  internet searches, numerous books and a road trip along the Mississippi River to the locations where the disaster happened. He walked in the footsteps of the men in Memphis, examined artifacts at the Maritime Museum in St. Louis and visited The Old Soldiers and Sailors Museum in Mansfield Ohio.

Inspired by his reading and travels, Jeff composed 14 original songs creating a musical telling of the history of the forgotten riverboat, the Sultana. Here are several songs from: The Sultana – April 27, 1865.

Thе Sultana – April 27, 1865 іѕ аn album intended nоt оnlу tо entertain thе listener thrоugh thіѕ tragic tale, but аlѕо tо encourage thе listener tо learn mоrе аbоut thіѕ lost piece оf American history аnd remember thе story…

The album was recorded at Jeff's New Clear Studios in Windsor NY. Enlisting the talents of musicians from the Southern Tier of Upstate New York Jeff put together one exceptional album of History in Song. and that album was the inspiration for this TV special.
Produced by and recorded at the studios of PBS affiliate WSKG TV, Channel 46 in Binghamton N.Y..

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